Essential Skills and Experience

Music, Post Production recording, editing and mixing, On-Air broadcast mixing

  • Stereo and 5.1 surround mixing
  • Sweetening, sound design, sound effect and music editing
  • Dialogue recording and editing
  • Music recording in state-of-the-art studios with large format mixing consoles — Neve, Digidesign, SSL, Calrec, Studer Vista
  • Soundtrack layback, Dolby Encode/Decode
  • Production facility consultation to achieve consistent audio levels throughout the broadcast chain
  • Design consultation and building of recording studios and mixing environments
  • Highly proficient with Final Cut Pro Studio 7 and FCP X
  • Ability to work in Macintosh, Windows, or DOS environments with current audio production software
  • Strong organizational and chief audio engineer skills

Comprehensive understanding of the entire post production process


  • 30+ years experience working in recording studios and broadcast facilities
  • Creative production skills in music mixing, editing and sound design
  • Advanced experience with multichannel mixing in 5.1 channels for music, television or DVD
  • Knowledge of procedures and work flow for audio-to-picture post production work
  • Comprehensive knowledge of procedures and work flow for HD video editing in multiple formats, codec's and frame rates
  • Advanced knowledge of Pro Tools audio recording, editing, sound design, and creative music supervision