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Our Voices Matter

Just finished mixing this incredible song by Jonathan Butler featuring Rick Braun, Candy Dulfer, Arlington Jones, Will Kennedy, Dave Koz, Jeffrey Osborne, Maysa, Marcus Miller, Ruslan Sirota, Antonio Sol and Ramon Yslas

Mixing in Dolby ATMOS

I am now mixing MUSIC in the Dolby ATMOS format along with TV POST-PRODUCTION projects. You can listen on your AirPods or any pair of headphones. The immersive binaural listening experience on headphones is incredible! You can also listen on your computer or any multi-speaker home theater setup or a soundbar attached to your TV. From music, television and movies Dolby ATMOS is an amazing immersive listening experience!

YouTube Stars

I mixed this YouTube original series, Prom Knight staring the Merrell Twins (5.6 million YouTube subscribers) It was shot at YouTube Space in Playa Vista California.

Live Television Mixing

For the last 5 years I have filled my fall Sunday’s with mixing the live television broadcast of Fantasy Zone for DIRECTV Sunday Ticket Football. We’re on the air from 9:55 AM PST until around 5:00 PST with LIVE, game-to-game NFL football with awesome Fantasy football analysis every Sunday regular season game.

During the week I work with the editors mixing and sweetening various pieces that will play out during the Sunday show. I also mix and sound design the RED ZONE show open.

Mixing for RJ

Just finished mixing a couple of singles for the great percussionist and vocalist Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind & Fire. Listen for Co-Swagit (Everything’s Cool) on your favorite jazz station.

Mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc.

Jimmy Buffett PBS Show Mix

I recently finished up a 5.1 music mix for a Jimmy Buffett PBS television show and DVD release. Edited by Stan Kellam. Production by Albert Spevak of Ambassador Entertainment.

John Lodge, Live Concert, Birmingham, UK

Just finished working with the iconic rock legend John Lodge (The Moody Blues). I edited the concert video and mixed the show in 5.1.

The Dan Patrick Show

The Dan Patrick Show - On Air

I’ve worked on this show for the past five years at the DIRECTV Los Angeles Broadcast Center. It is a very unique show in that Dan and the Danette’s are in a studio in Milford, CT, while the television production is done in Los Angeles. 11 Camera feeds plus audio are fed 3,000 miles to us via a fiber network. The entire production crew, Producer, Director, TD, Video Play Out, Editors, Graphics and Audio all work here in Los Angeles – 3,000 miles away! Needless to say the engineering crew have worked out some significant technical issues to make it all work. The show has been a huge success and I’m proud to be part of the very talented crew making it happen.

John Lodge Mix

John Lodge 10,000 Light Years Ago - Mixed by Paul Klingberg

I just finished mixing a solo record by John Lodge of the Moody Blues titled 10,000 Light Years Ago. What a great collection of classic rock songs with that Moody’s sound. Here is a link to the title track 10,000 Light Years Ago – John Lodge  It was a pleasure to work with such a legendary artist! The album was produced by my long time friend Alan Hewitt

Mixing Technique: Filtering

When starting a mix, it’s probably the first plug-in I use in the chain. It’s such a basic tool, but applying an EQ filter to a track can be a powerful technique to gain clarity and definition in your mixes. Many instruments and sounds have conflicting frequencies and compete with each other for sonic space. Great mixes have clear, defined ranges of instruments in the low, mid and high frequencies. The filter allows you to remove undesired frequencies in one instrument which in turn allows others to speak.

ProTools EQ Filtering Example
High-Pass filter allowing frequencies higher than 200Hz to pass

Traditional use of a filter would be to cut out low end stage rumble on a live concert recording, or maybe to remove high frequency noise on a guitar. But taken a step further, you can carve out areas in your mix to enhance clarity by using either a high-pass or low-pass filter on many of your tracks. Let’s say you have 12 tracks of backing vocals. Removing the low frequencies from 100Hz on down, will add clarity to the bass guitar and bottom end of the track. In pop recordings, most of this low frequency range is not needed in vocal parts and only adds to making the low end of your mix muddy. Keyboards and synths are another big area that can be shaped with using just a filter.

ProTools EQ Filtering Example
Low-Pass filter allowing everything below 5,000kHz to pass

Additionally, using a filter before any dynamic processing allows your compressor or limiter to work more efficiently.  The next time you go to insert an equalizer in a channel to add something to a sound, try thinking of subtracting something first with a filter.